Swim/Method Feeders

Swim/Method Feeders
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Cage Feeder
Cage Feeder: Ultra quick release and dispersal of bait can be achieved with these feeders as water r..
Conical Wire Cage Feeder Med
Conical Wire Cage Feeder - Med: A fairly lightweight, but large feeder, with a conical design to en..
Feeder Compactor
Feeder Compactor: A cylinder with a spring-loaded piston. Fill with loose groundbait and loosed f..
Korda  Mini Bait-up Method Feeder - 1oz
Korda Mini Bait-up Method Feeder - 1oz: Proven to land the same way every time, ensures your hook..
Wire Cage Feeder 25 grams
Wire Coil Method Feeder 25 grams:  Mold your method mix or groundbait around this weighted feeder a..
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