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Foam Rod 10mm Yellow
Foam Rod 10 mm Yellow: Super  hi-density coloured foam to match boilie colors, sweetcorn, particl..
Gummy Stopper Brown
Gummy Stopper Brown: Very useful soft rubber stops. Use to keep floats in place, slide on the hook ..
Heavy Duty Butt Rest Soft
Scorpion Heavy Duty Butt Grip Soft:   A soft rubber butt grip rest, holds rod firmly,..
In Line Lead Inserts
In Line Lead Inserts: These fit inside in-line leads so that a swivel can fit snugly into the ins..
Inline Leadcore rig Complete
Ready Tied Leadcore Inline Lead Rig: A complete, ready to use rig. Includes Strong hook ..
Knot Protector Beads
Knot Protector Beads: Knot Protector Beads act as a buffer which prevents leads and other items fro..
Lead Clip system
Lead Clip System with Locking Pins: These clips have been designed to create the ultimate ‘safety’ ..
Leadcore Free Run Rig
Leadcore Free Run Rig: Professionally made ready to fish rigs 36" long Leadcore with ring and bead..
Leadcore Safety Rig
Leadcore Safety Rig: Professionally made ready rigs Carp safety lead clip attached to a 36" le..
Multi use End Rig 10 pack
Multi Use End Rig:  Super soft long terminal sleeve This extremely useful piece of terminal tackl..
PVA String 50m
PVA String Spool 50m: A fine water soluable PVA string, quick dissolving Use to tie off PVA bags ..
Quick Change Swivel and Anti Tangle Sleeve
Quick Change Swivel with Anti Tangle Sleeve: Allows rigs to be changed rapidly. Pull back sleeve t..
Quick Change Swivel with lock
Quick Change Swivel with lock: Simply tie a loop instead of a swivel on the end of your hooklink a..
Ready Tied - Blow Back Rig
Ready Tied Rigs - Blowback Rig:  Professionally tied ready made rigs, ready to use straight ..
Ready Tied - Chod Rig
Ready Tied - Chod Rig: The chod rig is a popular presentation for pop up rigs over any type of bo..
Ready Tied Pop up Rig
Ready Tied Pop Up Rig: Professionally tied pop up rig, incorporating a perfectly whipped in ring ..
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